About T1 Lithium

We're a small business in Mannum, South Australia.

Mannum is a gorgeous little town on the banks of the Murray River, about 30km from Murray Bridge.

The town has an eclectic selection of shops and eateries and provides a dock for paddle steamers the Murray Princess and The Marion, not to mention all shape and size of houseboat and water craft. Check out the Mannum web site to see what's on and all the things you can enjoy there.

We run our business from a workshop at the upper end of town (see our Contact Us page for a pic and directions), and we live in a house looking over the lagoon at the other end of town.

We install

  • lithium (LiFePO4) batteries
  • battery management systems for LiFePO4
  • solar panels on caravans and motorhomes

We install in and on

  • caravans
  • motorhomes
  • houseboats
  • tow vehicles
  • off-grid houses

We're very interested in any form of renewable energy

  • electric vehicles
  • solar farms
  • wind farms
  • sundrop farms
  • lithium battery systems large and small

We have three motorhomes

  • a Hino Rainbow (big trips)
  • a T3500 Mazda (working off site trips)
  • a 1974 Kombi (holidays when we were younger and had no need for fancy things like a kitchen...)

Why did we call ourselves T1 Lithium?  Well, the Lithium part is pretty obvious, but the T1 stems from a CMCA informal get together at Maleny in Queensland in 2009.  There were five Terrys at this gathering and someone said we'll have to start numbering them.  My beloved piped up said "I'll be T1!".  And the rest, as they say, is history...